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Recently, many provinces and cities in China have been hit by violent storms. Not only crops but also many "fragile" solar water heaters collapsed in the rainstorm

recently, many provinces and cities in China have been hit by violent storms. Not only crops, but also many "fragile" solar water heaters collapsed in the rainstorm. Some brackets were seriously distorted and deformed, hanging on the eaves, shaky; Others were uprooted and overturned by strong winds. Many roofs with solar water heaters are in a mess

it should be said that it is true that the wind and rain are fierce, but after the storm, most of the products of good brands are still safe and in normal use, while some non brand products are vulnerable, which is particularly serious in rural areas. It is understood that the main reason why some solar water heater supports can not stand the test of wind and rain is that the "body bone" of some solar water heater supports is not hard, congenital "calcium deficiency", and there are problems in the installation, which leads to their "weakness", mainly manifested in:

first, the quality of support materials is not up to standard. According to the requirements of industry recommended standards, the support plate should be at least 1.5mm thick and 100mm wide before it is qualified. However, some solar water heater manufacturers cut corners to reduce costs, and the support material has become narrow and thin, only 1 ~ 1.2mm thick and 60 ~ 70mm wide; There are also many holes cut in some support plates, which are called "material saving holes" in the industry, which greatly reduces the torsional resistance and wind resistance. Once encountering storm weather, these stents are like suffering from "chondrosis", which is easy to fracture at the "material saving hole". Some supports are made of aluminum alloy, which shows poor wind resistance in the storm. Some whole supports have been blown out of shape by the wind

II. The anti-corrosion performance of the support material is poor, or the anti-corrosion treatment is not complete. The solar water heater is exposed for a long time, and the support must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment to ensure safety. However, the materials and processes used in some supports are not up to standard, resulting in poor adhesion between the plastic spraying layer and the substrate, easy aging and falling off, accumulated over time, and the support is easy to break at the corrosion place in windy weather

third, the installation design is unreasonable, and the installation is not standardized and professional, or even Jerry built. Many support structures that have been blown down by the wind are unreasonable in shape, do not conform to the basic principles of structural mechanics, and lack necessary support and connecting parts. Some of them have poor installation skills and are not effectively fixed, but simply "placed" on the roof. Some water heater supports are "all right" with a twist of very thin iron wire, and the irregular installation is difficult to withstand the test of wind and rain

in view of the "cartilage" problem in the installation of solar water heaters, under the general situation that solar water heaters have led to active transactions in the whole industry after they go to the countryside, the China Consumer Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points when purchasing solar water heaters:

first, before purchasing solar water heaters, we must see whether its installation technicians are professional, whether the installation design is scientific, and whether the installation service is standardized. The installation quality of solar water heater is directly related to the use and safety of solar water heater. At present, the phenomenon of "focusing on sales rather than installation" is widespread in the solar water heater industry. Many enterprises have not established a professional installation team, and the installation personnel have not received strict training. Even some grocery stores in rural areas have assumed the dual responsibility of acting as sales agents and installing miscellaneous solar water heaters. Such "service" is not only scientific and reasonable in installation design, but also professional in installation, Cannot guarantee the installation quality

second, we must pay attention to the quality of installation materials such as the material selection, process and width of the support. At present, there are no mandatory national standards for the installation of solar water heaters, and there are no rigid regulations on the material selection and strength of mounting materials such as brackets. If these installation materials are poorly selected and the process is not qualified, their anti-aging, anti distortion and wind resistance will be very poor, and it is inevitable that they will suffer from "rickets" due to "calcium deficiency", which will leave serious safety hazards for the use of solar water heaters

third, try to choose products of well-known brands with standardized installation services. At present, the solar water heater industry is a mixed bag of good and bad, and many enterprises do not pay enough attention to the installation quality and after-sales service when there is no mandatory national standard for installation service. Relatively speaking, some responsible enterprises formulate installation standards that are much more strict and standardized, and the after-sales service is relatively perfect. Therefore, when choosing solar water heaters, they should have good reputation, reliable installation quality A brand with guaranteed after-sales service is undoubtedly the best policy





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