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Many buyers have different personal requirements and consider different house types. Design your own house type according to your personal interests. It is simple, generous, calm and elegant. There is always a new house type that can make you excited. Now let's introduce how to choose a good house type

1. The selected new house type should tend to be apartment oriented, and small high-rise and multi-storey houses are increasingly developing towards apartment oriented, which means that there are as few residents on a floor as possible. At present, there are mostly two households, up to three households, and only one household is exquisite. Such houses are often designed by unit splicing method, which can not only meet the privacy of each family, but also meet the sufficient lighting and ventilation of the house

2. The facade of the new house type should be three-stage, and the facade color of the building should adopt three-stage design, namely the bottom, middle and upper part. The bottom wall is painted with dark brown stripes. Most of the three sections of the facade are decorated with vertical and horizontal lines, and more importantly, they are configured with glass, cast iron, tile, stainless steel and other building materials, as well as air-conditioning panels and concave convex windows, which have a strong modern texture and rich sense of hierarchy

3. The balcony on the south side of the new house is mostly used for activities or placing flowers and plants, while the setting of the north balcony has become popular in recent years. Recently, more and more emphasis has been placed on the multi-function of the north balcony. How can the decoration save money? On, free design budget quotation. Not only make it an auxiliary space in the kitchen, but also start to consider placing washing machines in Beiyang terrace. Some also designed the north balcony as a semi enclosed type, so that the washing machine has an indoor space

4. The interior wall surface of the new house type has always been flat, but now there are concave convex partition walls. Buyers can embed some furniture or bookcases, and some use concave convex partition to skillfully decorate natural furnishings with rich layers




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