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Because of its natural elegance, British style is especially popular with decoration owners many years ago. How can small and medium-sized houses be better decorated into small and fresh houses of European and British style? For the owners, the practical area of the home is small enough. How should small and medium-sized houses be decorated in British style? Today, the chief designer of exchange space decoration company will show you the latest British style decoration case

[Xiaobian comments] the exchange space decoration designer combines the light color wall with the earth color carpet, and the wine red single sofa is opposite to the white sofa. The large decorative paintings on the wall make this living room space show a fashionable and modern sense

[editor's comments] the most special thing in this British style living room is to replace the tea table with a spacious wooden board, so that the living room space does not look too crowded

[Xiaobian comments] the kitchen is designed in an open pattern, and the wide sliding door design just can skillfully divide the space. At the same time, the glass of the sliding door gives a sense of permeability between the spaces, so that the space does not look too closed

[editor's comments] if you don't pull the sliding door, the kitchen from this point of view is visually spacious and bright. It's also a good choice to place the table near the window, which can effectively improve the dining atmosphere on weekdays

[editor's comments] the wine red walls and desks are an enthusiastic provocation to the vision. The decorative paintings of the rice flag and the pillows proclaim the style and taste of British style

[editor's comments] the bedroom is paved with a mild fan carpet and a mirror wardrobe, which adds a sense of space expansion to the whole bedroom. The suitcase beside the bed replaces the design of the bedside table, which looks simple and fashionable

[editor's comments] the black-and-white gray system creates a fashionable bathroom, which looks self-evident at first glance. The retro cat foot pure white bathtub is set in it, making the whole bathroom space full of classical and elegant style

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