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How to use cloud computing to realize the diversity of radio and television business

the annual China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (CCBN) is about to open this week. As an emerging technology sweeping the world, cloud computing has also become an important part of this exhibition. How to combine cloud computing with the video industry, how to use cloud computing to achieve the diversity of radio and television services, reduce costs, and make rational use of media resources have attracted the attention of all parties

according to the cost advantages of different cloud media assets

Liu Peng, member of China Cloud Computing expert committee, said at the 5th digital technology future forum held yesterday that in the field of radio and television, cloud computing applied to the media asset system of radio and television stations (cloud media assets) has many advantages that traditional media assets do not have, and it is also one of the important trends in the development of media assets

Liu Peng believes that if a large number of cheap computing nodes can be well used to build and compute platforms, the cost of i/o (input/output) can be reduced by about 10 times. Cloud media resources are easier to provide media resources in the form of services, easier to manage and allocate media resources system resources, and have higher security and reliability. In traditional media resource systems, transcoding systems and cataloging systems need their own dedicated hardware platforms. However, under the private cloud expansion mode, the hardware platform can be fully shared in the cloud media resource system

in addition, it doesn't matter if any node in the cloud media resource system breaks down, because there are two copies of the data stored. If one node breaks down, it can be backed up to another node without human management. This is different from the previous storage. The previous storage put the data in one node, and through hardware fault tolerance, the content will disappear in case the hardware breaks down

at the same time, the cloud media resource system can also provide unlimited access: for example, remote non differentiated access, and one terminal can access various applications. Moreover, the characteristics of the virtual resource pool enable the cloud media resource system to be deployed quickly. Cloud media resources can also provide measurable services. For example, virtual resources can be selected according to computing power, storage space, network performance and lease time. So keep clean (clean after each experiment);, In general, media resources is a radio and television business system that is more suitable to adopt cloud computing technology

introducing cloud platform

taking Netflix, the world's largest video production and broadcasting platform, as an example, it is a typical use of cloud platform to provide production and broadcasting platform virtualization. Netflix has nearly 40million users. It can be said that 40% of the users in the United States belong to Netflix. However, such a large number of users do not have their own hardware platform. It rents Amazon's cloud platform services, and all the hardware is provided by Amazon. Then it has established a global platform on Amazon's infrastructure

similarly, how to use cloud computing technology to build a radio and television cloud service platform and enhance the core competitiveness of the radio and television industry is a serious issue in front of the development of radio and television

recently, BTV announced that the new media cloud platform, a required course for BTV pull machine maintenance supported by EMC technology, has been successfully put into use. This is the first all media support platform for production, editing and broadcasting built according to the cloud computing model in the radio and television industry. It will strongly support the new media transformation and all media operation of BTV, and explore a new path for the media transformation of the entire radio and television industry. BTV's new media cloud platform is a pioneering move in the industry and the first real cloud in the media industry

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