How to use blockchain technology to turn waste pla

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How to use blockchain technology to turn waste plastics into money

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core tips: [China Packaging News] in December 2017, David Katz, founder of plastic bank, stood on the Ted platform, In december2017, David, the founder of plastic bank, stood on the Ted platform for composite materials Katz and said bitterly:

"we are all wrong! Managing the ocean is very unnecessary." (We've have it all e very last thing we have to do is clean the ocean.)

he has a bolder idea than controlling marine pollution: recycle plastic before it goes into the sea. And he did

david Katz and another partner, Shaun frankson, founded "plastic bank" to provide a commercial solution that combines the plastic problem with the economic situation for cleaning up plastic waste on the sea: making recycling plastic more profitable

1. Pain point of plastic recycling industry

seek solutions to problems from the source of plastic waste - consumers themselves. Davidkatz's ideas closely fit with the current pain points of the plastic recycling industry

there is a lack of incentives for consumers' recycling behavior, which will directly cause difficulties in recycling waste plastics; The whole process data of the recycling channel is missing, which also makes the recycling chain in an inefficient and high-cost operation state for a long time. These current situations limit the development of renewable resource industries such as waste plastic recycling, and are the pain point and resistance of industry development and industrial upgrading

david Katz and his partner Shaun frankson set up the first solar powered waste recycling market in Haiti, where people can exchange various plastic products to obtain some basic necessities of life, such as charging with solar energy and using sustainable cooking fuels

subsequently, David Katz and his partners used blockchain technology to open "plastic banks" around the world to turn the floating plastics around the ocean into money in a safe and transparent way because of the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries

in the "plastic bank" chain store, people can use plastic waste as the equivalent currency to exchange a series of products and services, such as cooking fuel, medicine, tuition, and Wi Fi. Moreover, the list of these exchangeable products is still expanding. In the future, the exchangeable products and services will cover all the living needs of local residents as much as possible

it is understood that the "plastic bank" has enabled countless people at the seaside to take action and join the army of plastic recycling. An endless stream of people come to deliver plastic every day, and large companies such as German giant Henckels are scrambling to help them pick up plastic

while protecting the environment, it also provides a way to "generate income" for residents in poor areas. We will fully mobilize the enthusiasm and motivation of consumers to recycle plastics, so that it is no longer difficult to recycle waste plastics

2. How to turn waste plastics into money

how does plastic bank use blockchain technology to turn waste plastics into money

① make plastic money

if plastic can be exchanged for other things and the price is appropriate, people will spontaneously pick up the plastic and the ground will be clean

david Katz and Shaun frankson set up plastic bank in developing countries to set up waste plastic recycling centers to encourage people to collect plastic waste from their lives, exchange it for cash at the recycling centers, or buy things in stores

the "exchange rate" is 15 cents/kg, equivalent to about 2.1 yuan/kg. This price is higher than the market price, which can generate income for scavengers

"about 2.7 billion people live on less than US $2 a day. By revealing the value of plastics, we can release the energy and creativity of vulnerable groups, thus revealing the value of people." Shaun frankson said

② plastic recycling

the recycled plastic will be transported to the local partner for processing into bundles, sheets or particles, and the new materials will be delivered to the company's customers to make new products. Packaging experts of Henkel group are currently studying the inclusion of these recycled plastics in their product packaging

Thomas m ü ller Kirschbaum, head of the global research and Development Department of the home care department of Henkel group, said: "Packaging products made of recycled marine plastic waste from plastic bank will be put on sale in the second half of 2018. More and more customers are asking enterprises to provide sustainable solutions. They hope to see what enterprises are doing. Marine plastic is only a small part of the recycled materials we use. In the future, we hope to change the entire supply chain and turn to circular economy."

③ financial inclusiveness and sustainability

later, David Katz and his colleagues found that the public security situation in many areas was poor and cash was unsafe; So I contacted IBM to jointly develop a banking application based on blockchain technology. Provide a safe and reliable way of value transfer for garbage collectors around the world. And it will become a "xiaoxiaole" in the field of resource recycling through games. Further encourage people to use the application for plastic waste recycling

through the blockchain technology, the income can be directly entered into everyone's e-wallet without worrying about being robbed of cash on the road, ensuring the security against theft in some poor areas with high crime rate

it can provide sufficient credit collateral for garbage collectors in exchange for bank loans. Personal "plastic footprints" will be generated on the app, including the efficiency, cumulative quantity and quality of plastic collection; These footprints can also be converted into personal credit points to apply for loan business

digital wallet provides a perfect solution for poor people living in unstable conditions. It can not only reduce crime and corruption, but also provide people who have never had access to modern financial services with the opportunity to use modern digital banks

provide financial inclusion for the poor, so that they can gain profit opportunities and credibility without being affected by high interest rates. Help them establish a credit system and philosophy, and encourage them to improve their return rate by bringing more plastic waste, or by letting more people join the system

3. A business model worthy of global popularization

according to the latest report of the Allen MacArthur Foundation, only 14% of the world's plastic waste is recycled, and the remaining 86% still has the potential to create US $billion in revenue. The significance of plastic bank is to encourage people and companies around the world to reconsider their plastic treatment methods and become a positive driving force of circular economy

many companies see the influence of plastic bank and come to cooperate with them; These include shell energy, the energy company, marks Spencer, the largest multinational commercial and retail group in the UK, zwilliam Ja Henckels, a German consumer goods company, and so on. They are involved in funding the annual collection of plastics

almost every country in the world can benefit from a more efficient recycling system, which is why the plastic bank is committed to bringing billions of people around the world through the purchase or collection of plastic

there is a strange phenomenon in Haiti: 75% of people do not have electricity at home, but almost everyone has intelligence

the seemingly simple way has rapidly changed the world. The application of blockchain technology in renewable resources industry has epoch-making significance

as a senior practitioner in the environmental protection and renewable resources industry, chengchunlong, the pioneer practitioner of the combination of blockchain and green industry and the founder of source blockchain, said in an interview with ve finance and golden finance a few days ago:

blockchain should be used in the renewable resources industry, so plastic granulation is an industry that will never be eliminated, so as to realize the traceability of material flow, information flow and capital flow, and solve the problems of lack of trust and data

traditional automotive materials are distributed and decentralized through blockchain. In order to obtain a good appearance, the network architecture of spraying process is adopted to achieve rapid information matching between the supplier and the demander, and reduce the demand for high-cost centralized organizations

through a transparent and fair incentive system, it can organically connect all links of renewable resources such as consumers, recyclers, transporters, processing enterprises and producers, guide the change of production relations, thus trigger the change of economic model and industrial structure, and build an overall functional ecosystem

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