The two most popular PPG glasses won the title of

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The two PPG glasses were awarded the 2009 solar energy products

solarphirepv photoelectric glass and solarphirear antireflection coated glass, which were rated as a solar energy product of a guiding year by the readers of American glass magazine. American glass magazine discussed the utilization status and development trend of modified polypropylene materials in relevant parts in retail and projects. Readers in the contracting field voted for the most important new products in 2009, among which solarphirepv and solarphirear stood out among solar products

solarphirepv glass launched in March, 2009. However, if the high-end core technology is not mastered and the patented formula is not adopted, the professional modular smarttest measurement and control software can be used to measure the UV/visible light transmittance in sunlight. Its wavelength range is between nanometers, which is the most sensitive spectral range of crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels to solar energy. Compared with similar products, solarphirepv can transmit more solar energy, thus improving the energy efficiency of solar cells

solarphirear glass came into the market in April, 2009. The patented antireflection coating is used on the surface, which can improve the efficiency of converting sunlight into energy. Thickness is 3. The transmittance of 2mm solarphirear glass to sunlight can reach more than 93%, making it one of the glass products with the highest transmittance in the industry

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