Finite element study of the hottest open drive axl

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Finite element study of open drive axle

1 preface

open drive axle is always matched with independent suspension, which is also called independent suspension drive axle. The unsprung mass of the disconnected drive axle is small, and it matches with the independent suspension, so that the contact between the drive wheel and the ground and the adaptability to various terrains are better, which can greatly reduce the vibration and car inclination when the car is driving on different roads; Improve vehicle ride comfort and average driving speed; Reduce the dynamic load on the wheel and axle and the damage of parts, and improve its reliability and service life. Due to the complex structure of the disconnected drive axle and its matching independent suspension structure, automobile manufacturers are looking for plastic materials with high heat resistance and high cooling capacity, so this structure is mainly found in some cars and some off-road vehicles with high requirements for ride comfort. Off road vehicles have high requirements for off-road performance, and the developed new generation of off-road vehicles mostly use the disconnected drive axle

in view of the fact that currently heavy-duty trucks mostly use non breaking drive axles, CAE simulation and analysis workers have carried out a lot of work on non breaking drive axles; However, the finite element analysis of the open drive axle is only carried out within each unit. In order to enrich the analysis methods of various bridge shells, this article is written in close-up, hoping to achieve the role of throwing bricks and attracting jade

2 model introduction

2.1 description of processing software

HyperMesh software is used for pre-processing and post-processing in the analysis, and the Optistruct solver of HyperWorks is used for calculation

2.2 lattice division and material definition

the analysis accuracy of hexahedral elements is high, so it is recommended to use hexahedron for lattice division. Considering the time cost, for the model with complex structure, it is suggested to use 10 node tetrahedron for lattice division. See Table 1 for the specific number of nodes and units

2.3 grid division and material definition

point out the materials used in the analysis model and the relevant mechanical properties of materials, and establish the material attribute table as shown in Table 2 to provide a basis for analysis and judgment. In addition, in terms of cost

2.4 establishment of boundary conditions

refer to national standards to determine the boundary conditions of the analysis model

3 Result Analysis

deformation displacement and stress analysis are carried out for the finite element model of the bridge. The corresponding deformation displacement nephogram and stress nephogram are given. It is an intuitive expression of stiffness and strength. The corresponding deformation and displacement cloud diagram is shown in Figure 1, and the corresponding Mises profit cloud diagram is shown in Figure 2

Figure 1 deformation displacement nephogram

Figure 2 Mises profit nephogram

the largest 4 are pointed out respectively in the figure Thirdly, the power source (electromechanical) of the tension machine is also called the motor and the minimum deformation displacement and stress position, which shows the distribution of deformation displacement and stress. As shown in Figure 1, the maximum deformation displacement is at the front end of the connecting output shaft, and the overall deformation of the shell presents a cantilever deformation trend, in which the color of deformation is rich and the transition is uniform; The location of the maximum stress concentration is at the intersection of the stiffener and the shell. The research results at home and abroad show that it is feasible to use recycled plastics in road engineering, and it has been applied in practical engineering, as shown in Figure 2, a. This is exactly the failure point of the destructive test of the axle housing

if it is necessary to further observe the deformation trend of the axle housing under certain working conditions. The deformation nephogram on X, y and Z components can be given

4 conclusion

through calculation and simulation analysis, comparing the deformation mode and the location of failure points, it can be explained that the analysis method of the broken axle housing is feasible

for the next work verification, a certain amount of bench tests should be done on the axle housing to measure the accurate stress value and the relative displacement value of deformation at a series of test points. Through the comparison with the finite element simulation analysis results of this series of points under the same working conditions. Thus, the reliability of the analysis method of the broken axle housing is more fully verified. (end)

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