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Finland supports enterprises to build pulp mills in Uruguay

Finnish Minister of foreign trade and development letoma, who is visiting Uruguay, said that the Finnish government supports the construction of pulp mills in Uruguay by the Finnish enterprise Botnia based on talks with the Uruguayan foreign minister on the following day. It is pointed out that this pulp mill uses the latest technology used in Finland and will not pollute the water source at all. He said that there are 19 pulp mills in Finland, and nearby residents can safely drink the local river and lake water. Said Finland would not interfere with the serious differences between Uruguay and Argentina in the construction of pulp mills, but Europe was concerned about the development of the situation. At the same time, the Finnish government supports the position of the Uruguayan government to maintain the construction of pulp mills

the 33 year old minister also announced at the press conference that Finland was interested in investing in Uruguay's forestry, energy, mining, software and other fields

the Finnish government supports the position of the Uruguayan government on the pulp mill and announced that it will invest in more fields in Ukraine, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone for the Ukrainian government in a difficult situation. To this end, President Vazquez, who was preparing to visit Mexico and the United States, also smiled after listening to the foreign minister's report at the airport. He had not smiled for a long time

minister letomaki had to visit Argentina, but the Finnish government was dissatisfied with the president's claim the day before yesterday that the Finnish government should be responsible for supporting Botnia to build a pulp mill in Ukraine that would pollute the Uruguayan River, so minister letomaki's visit to Argentina was temporarily cancelled

at the same time, the president of Argentina told the media on the eve of his visit to Brazil that the Argentine government insisted on further research on the pollution of pulp mills. If it proved that it would cause pollution, the construction of pulp mills should be stopped

according to another news report, the president of Brazil said on the 24th that the Brazilian government would mediate with the Finnish government on the matter of stopping the pulp mill. If it is inconvenient to control the machine, it is now the mainstream choice. But at the same time, he said that the problem of pulp mills is a bilateral problem, not a Mercosur problem

source of information: the sub station of the business consulting office in Uruguay

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