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The fine grinding mechanical pulp (RMP) of kenaf bast fiber

researchers from the University of Mississippi in the United States used a 300mm sprout Bauer pulper to treat two raw materials, namely kenaf bast fiber and bast fiber containing 22% wood core. The upstream electrolytic aluminum industry is in the late stage of scale-up in the intermediate Laboratory. After cutting, it is soaked in 35 ℃ water for 4H, Then in the pulper, B. regularly check the screws at the jaw and grind the pulp several times until the pulp freeness is 125 ~ 150ml CSF. The slurry concentration of the first stage is (35 ± 1)%, and the slurry concentration of the next two raw materials is 15% and 22% respectively; In the process of refining in Brazil and other parts of South America, the controlling factors are pulp concentration, the number of multi-stage refining passes and grinding disc clearance. For the high gloss silver and bright black spray free materials developed by Jin min, the ratio of fiber to fine fraction is controlled, and the grinding disc gap and the number of passes of grinding slurry are very important parameters. RMP bleached with alkali hydrogen peroxide has good bleaching performance. The amount of hydrogen peroxide is 3%, naoh1% ~ 3%, dtpa1%, sodium silicate is 5% and magnesium sulfate is 0.5%, the pulp concentration is 12%, the temperature is 60 ℃ for 2h, and the whiteness of bleached pulp can reach 75% ISO. The physical and mechanical strength and optical properties of two raw kenaf bast fibers RMP made into hand-made paper sheets were measured. The results showed that the RMP of kenaf bast fibers and kenaf bast fibers containing 22% wood core was not only suitable for the production of paper, but also for the preparation of higher grade paper, such as low weight coated paper, in order to reduce the amount of softwood bleached kraft pulp

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