Finite element analysis of the hottest algor frame

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Algor finite element analysis of frame structure

according to the requirements of users, Beijing Yingji Tyco Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. used the internationally famous large-scale general finite element analysis software algor to analyze the deformation and stress of the frame structure under wind load

the CAD model of the system provides users with AutoCAD wireframe model and description of section shape and direction. Beijing yingjitaike Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. imported this model into algor software and cut it. On this basis, a mixed finite element model of beam and plate was established, as shown in Figure 1

the dead weight of the frame structure is considered in the calculation, and the wind load is taken as grade 12 wind pressure (85kg/m2). The wind load of sealant for 128 concrete building joints is considered in various possible adverse directions, and the symmetry of the structure is considered. Finally, five working conditions are determined as shown in Figure 2

figures 3-12 show the equivalent stress diagrams of steel plate and frame on large fixed and commercial refrigeration utilization beams under five working conditions respectively

the calculation results show that the maximum force and maximum displacement of the steel plate covered on the frame beam objectively occur in condition 2, the maximum stress of the frame beam occurs in condition 2, and the maximum displacement occurs in condition 1. The displacement of the structure, especially the displacement of the main frame, is smaller than the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development, and the stress is far less than the yield limit of the material. The structure has a larger safety factor. (end)

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