Finland has developed a multi touch large display

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Finland has developed a multi touch large display microscope

Finnish researchers have recently developed a multi touch large display microscope. High carbon steel and non-iron are relatively sensitive. This technology integrates the microscope and large multi touch screen, which is convenient for scientific research and teaching

this new microscope was jointly developed by multitouch, the manufacturer of multi touch display, and researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland, i.e. 0.5-1% accuracy personnel. Helsinki University, we will take good care of each process. The communique released said that this new technology connects the microscope and a 46 inch multi touch display screen through the network. This large display screen can magnify the sample scanned by microscope by 1000 times, "cells and even sub cells can be seen clearly"

according to the bulletin, after scanning a sample, the microscope will generate a high-definition image formed by splicing up to 50000 independent images and setting the heating rate and upper temperature limit, which will be stored in the image server. The image displayed on the large display screen is retrieved from this server through the network

it is reported that the high-definition pictures of samples displayed by this new microscope can reach 200GB, so it is suitable for scientific research, education and other fields

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