Finland is the hottest country to process waste gl

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Finland uses waste glass to process into new building materials

innolasi, Finland, exports mainly to middle and low-end developed countries. The company recently invented a process that can process and produce new building materials from recycled waste glass, which was established in June 2013. The factory that uses this process to process "eco glass veneer" was officially put into operation in the city of FORSA in southwestern Finland not long ago

this new process is to crush and color classify the recycled waste glass, mix it with 5% additives and adhesives for molding, and then send it to an oven with a temperature of 900 ℃ for roasting for 20 hours, and sinter it into finished veneers of different shapes and sizes, which can be used for outdoor building walls, indoor wall and ground decoration, green belt pavement and other building decoration materials

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