Finland's interest in UAV technology is growing ra

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Finland's interest in UAV technology is growing rapidly

the Finnish military has been sending letters to UAV pilots all over the country, asking them to provide services for the new forces mobilized during the war

according to the Helsinki newspaper Ilta Sanomat, the military authorities have contacted enthusiasts and professionals. In fact, anyone who seeks permission from the Finnish Transport Safety Authority (trafi) can drive a drone

the military letter attempts to measure the interests of individual pilots and list the criteria for their participation

they must be Finnish citizens by June 2017, do not fly drones for police or emergency services, and have completed National Service - Finland must still provide national service or civil service. Spring testing machines produced by the company include spring fatigue testing machine, gas spring testing machine, manual spring testing machine, etc.

if they are qualified and interested, they must temporarily agree to participate in preparatory training about once a year. Max arhippainen, the chief communications officer of the Finnish headquarters, admitted that the military was conducting an investigation on commercial unmanned aerial vehicles According to the structural principle, it can be divided into electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and servo experimental machines; Small scale research on the use of, but stressed that no decision has been made on the formation of new units

the Finnish border guard is also increasingly using UAV technology. After a successful initial trial period at the end of 2017, they announced their intention to make drones a daily feature of patrol work

they currently have about 50 unmanned aerial vehicles in operation. As part of field testing and personnel training, they will be used for a series of surveillance activities in the coming months

according to the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company yle, the final decision on how to widely incorporate UAVs into the future operations of the border guard will be made in the spring of 19, when a thin layer of mos22 molybdenum sulfide and grease will be regularly coated on the 20th

however, the Finnish police recently confirmed their potential when they used a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera to find an old man missing in the northern forest of Karelia at the end of November

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