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Industrialization of high-function anti pollution coatings

the high-function fluorinated anti pollution coating recently developed by Daikin Industrial Company in Japan has been industrialized. This fine-grained and fine powder coating has extremely low adhesion tendency and good wear resistance. It is said that its wear resistance is three times that of traditional fluorinated coatings, and its friction coefficient is only 1/3 of that of general coatings. At present, the company has been able to start to fully promote its products. Through the reaction treatment of fluorinated materials, the coating is combined with groups with specific structures. After the surface of glass, metal and ceramics is treated with this coating, its anti pollution performance is greatly improved. p>

general fluororesin and fluoride coatings and surface treatment agents have been widely used in waterproof and grease resistant finishing coats. However, in addition to the limitations of the inherent anti viscosity of surface grease and dirt, this coating and treatment agent has shortcomings in wear resistance

the newly established company of Daikin Industrial Company also focuses on the small areas of dielectric consumption under these two high cycles. This coating is a colorless and transparent product, so it will not adversely affect the optical properties of glass lenses and displays. For example, its ultra-thin coating has excellent oil and water resistance and excellent surface lubrication function for the matrix material. The company plans to develop a variety of uses for this anti pollution coating, including liquid crystal and other displays, cameras, mobile and optical glass

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