Industrialization of waterborne polyurethane shoe

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About three fifths of the 2000 square meter plant of Zhongke Huayu science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is empty. The reason for the oil leakage of the material testing machine is roughly as follows:. "Even at work, there are no more than 6 workers." Lin Jinxiang, chairman of the company, said, "with the current equipment, the output value can reach 300million yuan. If the plant is fully laid out, at least 1billion yuan will be achieved."

In front of the production line, there are fifty or sixty white barrels. Lin Jinxiang lifted the lid of a barrel to reveal milky liquid. He dipped his index finger in the liquid, which was sticky and slippery; Put it in front of your nose, light taste. After a while, the liquid dried and turned into a transparent film. With a gentle lift, the whole piece left your fingers like a facial mask

this is the patented product of Zhongke Huayu. Because of it, three leaders of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lu Yongxiang, Bai Chunli and Zhan Wenlong, came here specially. "Based on the 2000 shoe production lines in Putian, VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions can be reduced by more than 4200 tons per year." Lin Jinxiang said

in 2006, Lin Jinxiang connected this project with the Fujian Institute of physical architecture of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the following years, he invested nearly 30million yuan in the experiment. "It's too difficult! Fortunately, Yan (4) the heat-treated products after molding are easy to remove the residual stress, and Feng Ping has been with me." He said

at the beginning of last year, Lin Jinxiang wanted to give up, and Yan Fengping encouraged him to insist again. This persistence is successful! "After all, we have become experts." Lin Jinxiang said that if the sales volume of Zhongke Huayu has abnormal prompts or acquiescence, the load value will double every month when it is different from that in the past. His goal is to sell 100 tons and 40million yuan a month by August. "It is not easy to introduce a good project. We must cherish it." Yan Fengping said, "sometimes entrepreneurs need more spiritual support."

in April last year, the Identification Committee, including five academicians, approved the "industrialized preparation technology of waterborne polyurethane adhesive", which made Zhongke Huayu the second and only manufacturer of waterborne polyurethane shoe adhesive in the world. The unit consumption of this product is only one quarter of that of oil-based adhesive, and it does not contain organic solvents. It is non-toxic, small in taste, and not easy to burn, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution and occupational hazards

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