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The industry scope of end users

in this international safety production and safe arrival national standard monitoring technology and equipment exhibition and safety technology academic seminar, the industry scope of end users involves the following aspects:

according to national standards Regulations and laws assess SIL (safety integrity level) of various industries

safety of electrical equipment

International Standardization of electronic sub products

safety and security monitors Alarm and control system

→ gas in coal mines

→ new advantages of joint development of enterprises and regions accelerate the formation of monitors for avoiding blowout

→ avoiding various mine disasters

safety and security in plant operation Alarm and control system

→ petrochemical plant

→ chemical plant

→ pharmaceutical plant

→ thermal power plant

→ hydropower station

→ nuclear power plant

→ metallurgical plant

→ nuclear plant including nuclear waste treatment plant

→ steel rolling plant

→ automobile factory

→ train track signal system

→ military waste plastic particles 1 direct supply exceeds demand equipment factory

→ tunnel and subway ventilation system

→ dangerous goods storage

environmental protection monitors, alarms and control systems

→ petrochemical plants

→ chemical plants

→ power plants

→ nuclear power plants

→ nuclear plants and nuclear waste treatment plants

→ metallurgical plants

→ biochemical and pharmaceutical plants

basic quality of life control

→ air quality in the atmosphere

→ water quality

→ food.Quality

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