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Global intumescent fire retardant coating market industry analysis

Global intumescent fire retardant coating market industry analysis

August 6, 2013

[China coating information] according to the research report published in July 2013 by frost Sullivan, a famous American growth consulting company, from 2012 to 2018, GB 50207 (2) 002 code for quality acceptance of intumescent roof engineering, the global sales revenue of fire retardant coatings will increase from 710 million US dollars to 920 million US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.4%, which is mainly due to the stimulation of the hydrocarbon resistant fire retardant coating market by the expanding demand of oil and gas resources, as well as the increased demand for fiber fire retardant coatings due to the growth of the construction industry in developing countries

market overview

intumescent fire retardant coatings are passive fire protection products, including hydrocarbon resistant fire retardant coatings and fiber fire retardant coatings. These products make them synthesize a unique structure, which will foam and expand rapidly in case of high temperature or open fire, so as to produce an isolation layer to protect the mechanical properties and load capacity of the substrate. They are mainly painted on the surface of oil and gas production facilities and chemical treatment equipment, as well as the steel structural materials of civil buildings

in 2012, the global sales volume of intumescent fire retardant coatings reached 710million US dollars. In terms of sales volume, hydrocarbon resistant fire retardant coatings were 26300 tons and fiber fire retardant coatings were 60.6 million liters. The Asia Pacific region is the largest market for intumescent fire retardant coatings, with sales accounting for 33% of the global market, followed by the European market, accounting for 28%. At the same time, Europe is also the largest market for fiber fire retardant coatings in the world

four factors promote the development of the global intumescent fire retardant coating market

the development of the oil and gas market

the traditional oil and gas resource market has gradually entered a mature period. With the increasing demand for energy, the development of unconventional oil and gas resources such as shale gas, tight gas and coalbed methane is also increasing, which is particularly evident in the American market, Some enterprises withdraw from the traditional oil and gas resource market and focus on the development of unconventional oil and gas resources. In addition, with the continuous improvement of oil and gas development technology, the development area is constantly expanding to deep-sea waters (water depth close to 7000 meters) and the Arctic circle. The development of oil and gas market is bound to be accompanied by the increase of offshore drilling platforms, which increases the demand for hydrocarbon resistant fire retardant coatings

recovery of civil construction industry

although the construction industry in Europe and North America is still stagnant due to the impact of the global economic recession, the construction industry in emerging developing countries such as China and Brazil shows a trend of vigorous development. As concrete is widely used as building material in the world today, the market share of intumescent fire retardant coatings used on steel is still very low in the large-scale construction industry. However, due to the continuous improvement of the recognition of structural steel in recent years, it can be predicted that with the continuous popularization of structural steel in the field of civil buildings in the future, the demand for fiber fire retardant coatings will continue to increase

increase in maintenance and repair investment

at present, the vast majority of oil and gas drilling platforms and equipment in the world are very old, and there is an urgent need to update the equipment to extend its service life and meet the current equipment requirements. In addition, after the oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico, oil and gas extraction companies have gradually increased their requirements for production equipment to avoid the recurrence of such tragedies. The U.S. government has also continuously encouraged these companies to upgrade and improve the fire performance of equipment. This undoubtedly increases the demand for intumescent fireproof materials for the maintenance and improvement of onshore and offshore oil and gas production equipment

technological progress and innovation

extreme environments such as oil and gas development in the deep sea and Arctic Circle require fire retardant coating manufacturers to constantly carry out technological innovation to meet their technical requirements. The current fireproof materials have not been able to play a good role in the sub zero temperature of the Arctic circle. Therefore, how to solve this problem, the technical research and development of high-performance hydrocarbon resistant fireproof coating is imperative. On the other hand, consumers' expectations for the functional diversification of fiber fire retardant coatings also prompted fire retardant coating manufacturers to increase the company's research and development expenditure to meet the needs of consumers

three factors limit the vigorous development of the global intumescent fire retardant coating market

the impact of the global economic crisis on the construction industry

due to the impact of the economic crisis, the construction industry in developed countries is still declining, which to a large extent limits the development of intumescent fire retardant coatings, because the market share of such products in developed countries is much higher than that in other emerging countries. For example, the application of intumescent fire retardant materials in the construction field in the UK has a long history, and the UK is also a very important market for intumescent fire retardant coatings in the world. Therefore, the shrinkage of the UK construction industry will have a significant impact on the development of the intumescent fire retardant coating Market

obtaining product certification costs a lot and takes a long time

because different countries adopt different product certification regulations, products sold locally need to undergo local product testing, and obtaining product certification costs a lot, especially in the construction industry. In addition, if the local product certification standard does not meet the international requirements, the manufacturer is likely to produce products lower than the international standards in order to meet the local product regulations, and these products may not bring corresponding remuneration to the manufacturer to make up for the cost of obtaining product certification

fluctuations in raw material prices and transportation problems in some regions

recently, the prices of major raw materials (such as TiO2) have fluctuated significantly, which makes manufacturers' production costs to avoid major accidents continue to rise. In addition, some Middle East regions have transportation difficulties, which limits the circulation of goods in the region, and the recent political turmoil in these regions has also increased the transportation costs of goods

competition pattern

in the intumescent fire retardant coating market, the five largest manufacturers are AkzoNobel, cabolaine, PPG, Xuanwei and Jotun international. In 2011, the sales of these five manufacturers reached $394.5 million, accounting for 58% of the whole market, of which AkzoNobel ranked first, accounting for 24%, followed by cabolaine, accounting for 15%

AkzoNobel can have a complete set of marine protective coating product system to meet the needs of consumers with the advantage of one-stop service. At the same time, its new product department for the Korean market and excellent global sales have also helped the company achieve a leading position in the industry. Cabolaine, which ranks second, has the largest market share in North America and Europe

industry trends and forecasts

the functions of intumescent fire retardant coatings will be more diversified in the future. At present, the function of this material is mainly to protect the performance of base materials. With the more widespread use of intumescent fire retardant materials, this product may have electroluminescence and automatic cleaning functions in the future

the continuous progress of globalization may promote the convergence of product regulations for fire retardant coatings in different countries in the future. Fire retardant coating manufacturers no longer need to pay huge product testing fees to meet the product requirements of different countries, and the oil and gas resource industry may become the first industry to benefit

the continuous deepening of people's awareness of health and environmental protection will promote manufacturers to produce fire retardant coatings with low volatile organic compounds. At present, the use of more environmentally friendly waterborne acrylic coatings has been increasing, but the current technology can not produce waterborne epoxy fire retardant coatings. Future technological progress will make fire retardant coatings more environmentally friendly

in order to meet the requirements of life cycle assessment (LSA), manufacturers will actively reduce CO2 emissions in the R & D and production stages, thus meeting the requirements of low-carbon economy. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, producers may take the following measures: selecting degradable epoxy resins, using renewable raw materials, and establishing product recycling agreements with consumers

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