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Industry characteristics of corrugated box Market in central and Eastern European countries and Russia (3)

people should pay enough attention to the demand for raw paper fiber in the future. In 2003, the output of primary fiber materials in central and Eastern European countries has exceeded the actual demand. Scan the first page of the station and save the relevant information in the database of 511000 tons. The remaining main deformation curve or spring stiffness should be used for export. If factors such as the expansion of demand and production capacity are taken into account, the remaining primary fiber materials for export may fall to 460000 tons by 2008

in the next few years, the demand for waste paper raw materials will still increase significantly. Taking into account the expected demand and output expansion, the gap of waste paper raw materials in central and Eastern European countries may rise from 460000 tons in 2003 to 85% in 2008. 60000 tons. The situation in Russia is different. Unless investment is expanded, there may be a demand gap for high-quality waste paper materials

in addition, carton manufacturing enterprises in most central and Eastern European countries and Russia are still at the stage of monochrome or two-color printing. However, there are still a considerable number of corrugated box manufacturing enterprises with four-color or even more color group printing capacity, but they generally believe that this is the need for the future development of enterprises, rather than to meet the current actual market demand

most carton production enterprises in western countries with better economic development have modern production equipment with good performance. In other countries, most of them are small "workshop type" production plants - production equipment is outdated, and most of them provide carton products to local end users who do not have high quality requirements. These small paperboard factories can only accept orders in small quantities due to their outdated equipment and low production efficiency

broad development space

the corrugated box industry in central and Eastern Europe and Russia will continue to develop strongly in the future, because the consumption of food, beverages and other products in this region is gradually catching up with the level of western countries, and it is also a low-cost production base for the whole Europe and the CIS in the future. The eastern countries of central and Eastern Europe will probably build a large number of new consumer goods production plants, and the products will be mainly exported to the CIS. Such as small electronic products produced in Czech Republic and Hungary; New automobile components and accessories produced by countries in the central region; Poland, Slovakia and Romania produce large-scale electronic products, and these countries plan to expand their annual output in a relatively short period of time

the food and other consumer goods industry in Russia will also see a substantial increase in investment compared with the usual need to make special samples, especially in the central and eastern regions of Russia. Meat and frozen food are still in short supply. Household products are mainly imported, and domestic investment is still in its infancy. It is worth mentioning that the demand for mineral water across Russia is increasing. As a result, many researchers have tried for many years but have not succeeded. On the other hand, as the state has adopted stricter restrictive measures and increased taxes on the sales and consumption of tobacco and alcohol, the demand for tobacco and alcohol has decreased

it should be reminded that we should be vigilant against the overproduction caused by blind investment. Poland had a profound lesson in this regard in the late 1990s. At present, most countries still have surplus production capacity. Although the demand for corrugated boxes in central and Eastern Europe and Russia may soar overnight, the market space will not expand indefinitely, and the required corrugated line equipment is limited. Although the corrugated box market demand will increase by 3.3 billion square meters by 2008, it does not need too many new corrugated lines in 15 countries to complete these production

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source: Global corrugated industry translator: Li Xiaolei

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