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Maoming Petrochemical special material products are unique

Maoming Petrochemical special material products are unique

July 30, 2001

Maoming ethylene has won the market by reducing production costs and developing marketable products. Markforge recently launched a super large new material - Onyx. In the first half of the year, they produced 192900 tons of ethylene, completing 55% of the annual production task, including 153400 tons of special materials,

the total amount of goods reached 531700 tons, the sales revenue was 2.444 billion yuan, the product production and marketing rate was 100%, and the actual profit was 1.1 billion yuan

the marketability of products is a key factor for Maoming Ethylene to win the market. Maoming new material industry is a basic industry. Ethylene gives full play to its technological advantages and aims at 60% of the domestic high value-added special plastic market filled by imported products. According to the requirements of users in the market survey, they have carried out in-depth technical research and solved more than 20 technical problems. In addition, they also actively strengthen technical cooperation with large and medium-sized colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, carry out new product development, and actively cooperate with customers to carry out product trials. The rubber F420 produced by the company is used as a high-grade road asphalt additive in Yunnan Kunming Vietnam high speed highway, reaching the highest grade standard of the Ministry of communications; Plastic special material epc30r--11 and other brand products have been favored by Guangdong Midea and other domestic household appliance manufacturers; The new product polypropylene sp--179 was successfully applied to the bumper of Chang'an Automobile and was highly praised by users. At present, more than 200 domestic household appliances, automobiles, construction materials, injection molding and other enterprises use Nanhai brand special plastics produced by Maoming ethylene. This year, Maoming ethylene has developed more than 20 brands of special materials such as washing machine barrel material and cable sheath material, accounting for more than 66% of the company's total plastic,

among them, new products of several brands have filled the gap in the domestic market and become the fist products to expand the market. At present, the market share of Maoming Ethylene in southwest, central and eastern China is expanding, and the market share in Guangdong has been increased from 1

5% to 35% despite the high level of injection foaming technology

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