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Moutai Prince liquor packaging pays attention to environmental protection and cost saving

Moutai Prince liquor is one of the latest Moutai series products developed by Guizhou Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd., which inherits the consistent national liquor style of Moutai products in terms of taste and packaging:

in terms of color processing, the main color is bright yellow, which is integrated with the opportunity background in order to focus on every moment of service with multi-level processing methods, On the basis of maintaining the usual color impression pattern of Maotai liquor, it adds the flavor of the times to it

in the bottle type design, the smooth and coordinated decorative bottle body is boldly adopted, and the high neck bottle cap is matched, so that the whole bottle type is straight and strong. It is a successful breakthrough to change the long-term "short" of Maotai liquor, and to "Park, scope, chain, intensive, short" and "stupid" images by paying attention to environmental protection and resource conservation

the structural design of the outer box packaging and the connection between the base and the box body adopt the full paper bolt structure for the first time. The perfect integrated design not only saves the cost reasonably and effectively, but also has the environmental protection significance that cannot be ignored

the overall packaging design continues the visual inertia of Moutai brand to the greatest extent, pays equal attention to functional identification and related decoration, and effectively improves the brand image of Moutai

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