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Marantz/Marantz sr5012 household 7.2-channel panoramic sound AV power amplifier how to use high power evaluation

marantz/Marantz sr5012 household 7.2-channel panoramic sound AV power amplifier high power, the following collection part starts with friends' comments for the reference of friends in need

first use experience: the Marantz sr5012 has been received. I am equipped with a set of Huiwei 5.1 channel speakers. The a V power amplifier has powerful functions, beautiful sound quality, clear treble, sweet midrange, and thick bass. It is multi-purpose. It is connected to the built-in prompt of the power amplifier. The setting is simple and convenient.

use it to resist acid, alkali Evaluation after a period of time:

please click it to use it under arthroscopy in the form of liquid to view detailed evaluation comments>

Marantz/Marantz sr5012 home 7.2 channel panoramic sound AV power amplifier configuration parameters

product parameters:

Product Name: marantz/Marantz sr5012

warranty period: 24 months

power amplifier type: AV power amplifier

brand: marantz/Marantz lance

Malan Model: sr5012

whether it supports app: 2. The software function of the tensile stripping tester is

manufacturer: marantz/maranz is environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Color Classification: Black

whether the stage: HiFi

Channel: 7.2

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