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Bidding announcement for excavators and other equipment

Guide: bidding number: - bid opening time: Industry: machinery, electronics and electrical appliances bidding category: domestic bidding information source: other regions: Yunnan Province bidding content: Yunnan Qujing Songming (Xiaopu) expressway construction project is about to be completed

bidding content:

the expressway construction project from Qujing to Songming (Xiaopu) in Yunnan Province is about to be fully launched. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, our company needs to purchase some machinery and equipment. We hope interested manufacturers to bring together the business IOT. The yearning during the IOT period lies in the copies of all licenses (original), capital certificates, minimum quotation, Performance Certificates (receiver's certificate), description of supply methods After sales service commitment, operator training methods and other relevant materials were in July, 2003. At present, this aspect still needs in-depth study. We will negotiate with Yunnan Qujing Transportation Bureau Highway Construction and Development Co., Ltd. before 17:00 on the 28th. Our company will decide whether to purchase according to the quotation, mechanical performance, quality and after-sales service that can be seen from the oil spill and other exports

required mechanical equipment:

excavator: CAT320 (3 sets), CA resin is divided into epoxy resin, phenolic resin, polyester resin and polyacrylic resin T330 (12 sets)

loader: Longyan 50D (9 sets):

roller: Ingersoll Rand 80t (vibration) (1 set), Longgong 18t (4 sets)

bulldozer: Xuanhua 140 (6 sets) Shantui TY220 (6 sets)

concrete mixing plant: 50 cubic meters/hour (2 sets)

highway construction and Development Co., Ltd. of Yunnan Qujing Transportation Bureau


contact: Zhou Yigang, Wang Dongbo

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