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With the rising housing prices, single room apartments have become the first choice for many young people to buy houses. In fact, the most prominent feature of a single room is its small area, and as a bedroom, it must be “ The five internal organs are complete ”. To solve this contradiction, local improvement can be achieved through decoration. Let's introduce the principles of single room decoration and the effect drawing of single room decoration

principles of single room supporting decoration

1. Use “ Light decoration ” Principle

if there are cabinets everywhere in a small room, it also reduces the living space. Instead, it's better to use the decoration money to buy some better furniture. The so-called “ Light decoration ” The decoration concept advocates that under the limited budget, the practical function of home space should be based on furniture configuration, which is the primary focus of decoration, and the decoration of sky, ground and wall belongs to the supporting role of space decoration. Small space reduces the fixed and cumbersome decoration, and the space is moved out, so that people can live freely

2. The least and most exquisite furniture makes the most wonderful small space

small space should be more careful in choosing exquisite furniture. The larger the furniture, the more it can be stored (but not necessarily the more skillful and convenient), but the relative person's remaining range of activities is less, and the heavier the furniture, the larger the body, the smaller the possibility of flexible placement, the more miscellaneous the furniture, and the more impossible it is to express its unique beauty

3. The layout of small space should be dominated by people, supplemented by storage

the layout of small space should also be dominated by people, supplemented by furniture storage. Because the space is small, there is really no spare place to put clothes and cups that we can't wear forever. We need to complete the function of operation, so there will be furniture and storage, rather than storage to make cabinets; Although such a concept is simple and easy to understand, it is ignored by most people. People often see that some people put the cart before the horse and focus on storage first, and then ask for furniture. They forget which location can be soft and warm in the sun, and whether it is appropriate for people to walk into the room and cycle around. They only see the sofa full of TV. In fact, if the design can return to people-oriented, such crowding can be avoided

single room matching decoration effect drawing

single room matching decoration effect drawing, that is, a house with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, which is a room type of one living room. At present, most of these houses are designed by real estate for single people. Real estate developers have insight into the huge potential of single people, so they have changed the new model

then the design company and the real estate company will cooperate, and the market of single room supporting decoration renderings will have great development space, because the market potential of the group is great, and the main body provided by the developer will bring great innovation to the design. We use colors, forms, functions, etc. in the single room supporting design, and the effect of expanding the space is to make limited use of small apartment types. We can install glass on the wall, top, corner, etc. to expand the indoor space, and we can also use the design of vertical lines to enlarge the space. These design concepts can be displayed on the renderings, So that customers can appreciate the charm of single room matching when making choices

editor's summary: the principles of single room decoration and the effect drawing of single room decoration are introduced here. I hope it can help you. Please pay attention to more information





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