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There are always many books to put at home, but sometimes I have to give up some because there is no place to put them. Today, Xiaobian brings you several awesome's study decoration cases, so that the fragrance of books can float all over the house and create a real "Golden House"

black and white are timeless matching classics. Choosing such a color to design a bookshelf is easy to highlight the feeling of fashion and ability. Just like the bookshelf above the photo, it reflects the texture of fashion, and the books with the same color are particularly harmonious

the built-in bookcase can also be very excellent, with good continuity and plane sense, which is also a big factor that makes it more neat. The use of wood matches the design of the study, which is warm and pleasant

stairs are a good storage space. If this space is well used, it will become another landscape. Like this, it will be changed into a bookcase, which makes the space better used and a little more bookish

the study allows us to be guided in knowledge and serve as a refuge in busy urban life





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