Key points of renovation of old houses

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Recently, some netizens posted a post on the home improvement Forum asking what problems should be paid attention to in the beautification and transformation of old houses. This is mainly the common demand of the first batch of commercial housing owners in China after living and using for more than ten years. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the precautions for the reconstruction of old houses! I. water, electricity and heating should be carried out first

the old house has a long service life, and the waterways, circuits and heating facilities are relatively aging, and the possibility of unreasonable layout is relatively high, so they all need to be completed at one time in the transformation. The transformation of water, electricity and heating involves the changes of walls, floors, walls and other facilities, and now the waterways and heating are generally made of PPR material, which is beautiful compared with the original waterways and heating castings It is necessary to replace the advantages such as safety and practicality, because now the household appliances are increasing, and the circuit load is much larger than the original. To replace the high-power circuit, these must be transformed before the decoration. If the water, electricity and heating facilities frequently "cause trouble" after the decoration, there will be endless trouble and even all previous efforts will be wasted

second, deal with the old wall decoration

the procedures of wall decoration are substrate treatment, painting interior wall putty, scraping primer, and painting finish paint. The walls of old houses in the 1990s are generally painted white or imitation porcelain, so we must make great efforts in the substrate treatment link, otherwise it will cause paint falling off, paint cracks, color inequality, and even re painting, which will make consumers miserable, Attention should be paid to the treatment of base materials. The treatment of the old wall must be thorough. The white or porcelain like surface of the old wall must be completely eradicated, and it must be removed without leaving traces. If the old wall is not firm or loose after removal, cement should be used for reinforcement. The old wall is generally alkaline because of its age. The alkalinity of the wall has a great impact on the decoration effect, which will also cause paint falling off, cracks and uneven color, Therefore, if necessary, special alkali resistant primer can be used, which is very effective for alkaline wall design

III. keep the remaining putty and latex paint for future use

after the house is decorated, some putty and latex paint will generally remain. These "residues" must not be thrown away, but should be sealed and stored for standby. Because there is a certain "running in" time for the old wall and the newly painted putty and latex paint in the reconstruction of the old house, if there are minor problems on the wall during this period, the remaining latex paint can be used to remedy them, Because the front and back are the same batch of emulsion paint, the color of the wall will be completely consistent with the original color after remediation, leaving no trace

the above three points are very practical for the renovation of old houses. The owners of second-hand houses and old houses can learn from and adopt them. For more decoration information, please link to Wuhan home decoration online learning decoration channel [details]




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