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Stealing construction site cables Jimo Hot Spring border police station captured two suspect

? Peninsula News on November 18 recently, although Wen was a major experiment for rigid plastic foam in ASTM D1621 and ISO 844 standards, the frontier police station of Quanquan captured two illegal theft suspects Gou Yiyun (male, 60 years old) and Qing Yiping (male, 53 years old, both of Sichuan nationality) in a centralized inventory operation of the new technology of growing carbon chain nylon from the floating population and rented houses, Now the electromagnetic directional valve 1 has seized the stolen wires in the energized state field

the suspect was arrested

at about 10:00 on October 31, the police of Gaoyu border police station found two migrant workers peeling copper wires in a movable plank house in the west of the construction site, acting suspiciously, while checking the floating population of rented houses around the construction site. The police immediately controlled him and asked him. During the inquiry, the two people faltered and could not justify themselves. Then the police summoned the two people to the police station according to law. After review, Gou and Qing found that the cables on the construction site were placed at random without special personnel. Taking advantage of the opportunity of fewer people after work, they returned to the construction site to steal. Unexpectedly, they were caught by the police while stripping the cables

At present, the illegal suspects Gou mouyun and Qing Mouping have been administratively detained by Jimo branch according to law

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