Two coordinate CNC cutting machine for special-sha

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The sh-2000q two coordinate special-shaped stone numerical control cutting machine developed and produced by Beijing Stade Electromechanical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is stable with many advantages, such as high efficiency, high precision, multi-function and high intelligence; Shi is deeply welcomed by stone production enterprises

this new two coordinate special-shaped stone numerical control cutting machine avoids the complex process of copying cutting and making templates, makes up for the lack of low intelligence, greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of cutting machine processing special-shaped stones, and reduces the functional characteristics of workers' operation of casting aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine? Skill requirements and driving strength. According to the appraisal of relevant experts, the precision cutting speed of the machine is 1 ~ 20m/min, and the rough cutting speed is 1 ~ 3m/min. the reverse clearance compensation and cutter radius compensation are adopted, and the machining accuracy is ± 0% 1mm. In addition, the new cutting machine can automatically select the interval according to the curvature, and can provide a variety of programming methods. It can process various special-shaped stones with high efficiency and precision, including stone lines, roman columns, etc

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