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Twistertm is used to realize full-automatic paper roll packaging

this is a rare case where all people agree: the best way to package paper rolls is to use double-layer heads on the end face of each paper roll. The inner head of the clamping paper or corrugated board protects the vulnerable end face of the paper roll to prevent damage during transportation and storage. The multi-layer packaging with PE coated kraft paper and the outer head of the same material can form a very strong and moisture-proof packaging

despite the cost involved, this form of packaging is still widely used by paper mills around the world. In fact, this is not surprising, because packaging paper can best meet all the regulations and various requirements of paper roll packaging. Compared with plastic packaging, packaging paper is more durable and can be printed with various market information, warnings and grade codes. This is why almost all paper mills have at least one roll packaging system using wrapping paper. Such a system has been quite reliable for many years, and can realize different degrees of automation according to needs

however, due to the large size of the paper roll, the traditional packaging system will increase the cost. It is necessary to store various specifications of head and packaging paper to adapt to the packaging of various paper roll widths and diameters, and the automatic packaging must also be adjusted as much as possible

The twistertm wrapping machine developed by Voith papermaking technology has opened up a new field

it can pack paper rolls of all widths and diameters as long as it uses a 500 mm wide wrapping paper. Due to the flexibility of this packaging machine, the width change of the paper roll in the future is no longer a problem that the electromechanical must be opened before the system is loaded. Compared with the traditional wrapping machine, another advantage of twistertm wrapping machine is that it eliminates multiple processing stages of wrapping and complex feeding paper and glue application system. The lateral movement and movement angle of the wrapping paper are automatically realized by the patented servo drive system, so the wrapping packaging of the paper roll can reach the required number of packaging layers through one operation. Glue is sprayed between layers of wrapping paper in one or several strips to firmly stick them together

the 500mm wide wrapping paper used can also provide ideal additional protection for the paper roll edges that are easy to be damaged during transportation with strong future odor edges

twistertm can greatly simplify the packaging of paper rolls without sacrificing any efficiency - on the contrary, compared with the traditional packaging method, the wrapped paper rolls are stronger and more tidy. Our users reported that due to the installation of twistertm, less than half of the original paper rolls were returned by the printer due to transportation damage

twistertm has many advantages besides its great flexibility and compact structure, which makes it sold more than other types of wrapping machines in the past four years. Since 1996, Voith Paper technology has sold more than 20 twistertm packaging equipment

inspired by this success, Voith Paper Technology believes that there is no reason why the complex work of adding inner and outer heads to the paper roll can not be simplified

the fewer components, the less failures there will be - so all the equipment in the past, such as conveying stations, chucks, hoists and other devices, can be replaced by 6-axis industrial robots in this capping head system

twistertm automation system, the robot uses a vacuum holder to directly take the inner head from the tray and press the inner head on each end face of the paper roll until the inner head is firmly fixed by the automatically folded paper edge. The action range of these robots can be extended by installing them on the mobile mechanism, and the increased axis is controlled by the robot control system. The twistertm automation system can easily handle the widest range of inner head changes without any transfer station

the double claws of the robot with outer head can automatically adapt to various diameters. Here, the head cover paper is also directly taken from the tray. Here, there is a special separation device to ensure that the tightly bonded head cover paper can be separated. Once the head sealing machine is in place, the robot will accurately place the outer head on the pressing plate, and the temperature of the pressing plate is as high as 180oC

labeling the paper roll is completed by the fourth robot. It uses its two holders to take two printed labels (usually DIN A3 labels) and transfer the back of the labels to the thermosol applicator. Then press one label on the end face of the paper roll, and stick the other label on the paper roll neatly without damage. It can also use self-adhesive labels, and the backing paper of the labels is automatically peeled off on the printer first

the wrapping system is equipped with a conveying system to send the unpacked paper roll to twistertm and the wrapped paper roll to the storage location

the paper roll pushed from the rewinder enters a roller path with a pneumatic stopper. The stopper is segmented, so that the paper roll can enter the strip conveyor in turn, so that the rewinder operator has time to check the end face of the paper roll and print the bar code for each paper roll. During the movement of the paper roll to the wrapping machine, the paper roll can be clearly identified by the laser scanner

with twistertm, each paper roll can be packaged differently according to specific production and transportation requirements. For example, the method of "one package" can also be regarded as a kind of pole first width search. The paper roll packed in four layers for ocean transportation can be packed immediately after the paper roll packed with only two layers of edges for additional protection

all this is possible thanks to the rolltronictm process control system specially developed for twistertm

The rolltronictm process control system is connected to the production planning and inventory management computer of the paper mill. It can also ensure that the weight, width and diameter of these data are always assigned to the correct paper roll, thus avoiding label printing errors

voith papermaking technology each part of the paper roll conveying system is specially designed to avoid damage during the paper roll conveying process. In order to ensure perfect functions, these devices have been continuously improved over the years

due to the strip conveyor running on ball bearings, friction is reduced. Low power AC motor with variable frequency control can be used. Although today's conveyor speed is about 60m/min, the weight of each paper roll reaches 10 tons. Thanks to the new generation of slat conveyors, the twistertm line can now reach a speed of 120 rolls per hour. Although the modular twistertm concept can have many different arrangements according to local conditions, "twistertm line" is the most popular form in the market

such a smooth and continuous packaging line (without any intermediate paper roll transfer process) has always been the dream of every paper manager. It represents

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