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Guangzhou Quality Supervision Bureau conducted random inspection on the product quality of fire-proof materials in the production field of Guangzhou recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a random inspection on the product quality of fire-proof materials in the production field of the city. A total of 17 batches of products produced by 17 enterprises were inspected, and 2 batches of products from 2 enterprises failed to meet the standard requirements

this spot check is based on the national mandatory standard GB fire shutter, gb157. Originally, it was mostly Hedong in 310 and Hexi 63 in 310 Safety glass for building Part 1: fire resistant glass, GB classification of flammability of building materials and products, GB decorative fire retardant coatings, and gb202 cases of intercepting epidemic diseases in wood packaging materials that have undergone pest control treatment have also repeatedly produced standards such as requirements and identification for flammability of flame retardant products and components in public places and effective enterprise product standards for fire resistance limit, incombustibility, combustion calorific value, SBI test Critical radiation flux, decorative fire retardant coating (fire resistance time, flame propagation ratio, mass loss, carbonization volume), peak heat release rate, vertical combustion, smoke density grade, oxygen index, etc

the results showed that there were 2 batches of products whose combustion growth rate index items were unqualified, and the nominal manufacturers involved Guangzhou Muyi Wood Products Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Youbi thermal insulation material Co., Ltd. The quality supervision department said that when the fire broke out, the main materials burned were building materials and decoration materials. When some building decoration materials are burned, they will produce a lot of highly toxic smoke and heat. Toxic smoke will make people suffocate and faint, and a large amount of heat will contribute to the fire, thus causing greater harm. The main reasons for the disqualification are the low quality awareness of the enterprise, the use of raw materials with poor quality or the unreasonable flame retardant treatment process

here, the quality supervision 7 inspection rules department reminds consumers that the fire protection building materials shall implement the fire protection product type approval system, and the products sold on the market shall have the national fire protection product type approval certificate. When the qualified fire-proof building materials and products are burned by blowtorch or strong fire, they will have a large amount of foaming and expansion, and the surface will gather and bulge. Within a few minutes, there will be no burning damage, which will cause partial decomposition of the materials and produce peculiar smell; After all, the odor of modified PP particles is qualified, while fake and shoddy fire-proof products are basically burned immediately, and the wood substrate will be burned and damaged soon. The combustion performance of fireproof building materials and products is divided into several levels, and users should pay attention to distinguish them when selecting

2012 list of unqualified products and enterprises in Guangzhou fire-proof material product quality supervision and spot check

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