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Pavilion8 advanced process control software helps to improve the speed, safety and accuracy of step tests

(Milwaukee, December 5, 2016). Rockwell automated pavilion8 model predictive control (MPC) software can now help engineers design and execute step tests faster, safer and more accurately. When performing the step test manually, the field engineer must monitor the test process continuously for 24 hours. Unlike this, the step test assistant in Pavilion 8 version 5.12 can make adjustments independently in the test environment, so as to identify effective models more quickly, so as to help improve production and improve policy effect and operation level. This tool is simple and easy to use, which can reduce the test time by up to 30%, avoid the constraints of executing safer tests, and can adjust and identify good tests, so as to reduce the possibility of repeated tests

for manufacturers with very complex production processes, model-based multivariable control can be used in this exhibition to maximize the normal production operation time, reduce uncertainty and control in a way closer to constraints. When the production process changes significantly, engineers need to perform step tests to understand the impact of each process variable on other process variables. Because each step test requires a series of minor modifications to the production and operation parameters, and it will take a certain amount of time to collect all data, build algorithms and generate dynamic models

to improve the productivity of the overall operation, we need to rely on efficient operators and production processes. Michael tay, product manager of Rockwell Automation Pavilion, said. With pavilion8 software, it's like the best engineers are on call 24 hours a day. It can perform complex guiding analysis to make the operations needed to improve plant performance

step test assistant can automatically plan each test until a sufficient number of good tests are obtained. The step test can be performed 20 to 30% faster than the manual test process in this way. In addition, when the tool is running, it can also avoid edge constraints through MPC controller and provide visual prediction trend. If the manual test process is adopted, the engineer should always supervise the step test process. However, with the help of automated tools, step testing has become a repeatable, adjustable, safer and more accurate testing process

pavilion8 v5.12 software can not only be independent of the control system, but also be seamlessly integrated with Rockwell Automation's PlantPAx process automation system. It mainly presents the following four key features:

Windows based configuration and support - the windows based solution builder tool can bring a similar overall user experience to experts and novice users. This tool can help users create customized work environments and provide help to improve workflow

multivariable operation controller robustness the operation controller supports users to quickly add predictable anti-interference functions, successfully developed the new process upper and lower limits of the first generation 2099 aluminum lithium alloy, and easily compares the differences between different versions of advanced process control (APC) applications. Users can easily apply and adjust powerful advanced MPC functions with the help of software that supports flexible workflow, so as to shorten fault handling time

for the third continuous monitoring of the controller, the user can configure the process monitoring module through the output, quality, energy consumption and other specific indicators, and can also continuously monitor these indicators to measure the process operation performance, and use the historical records to track the income situation and form a report

support modern browsers and operating systems. In order to make the use experience of Pavilion 8 consistent in different software environments, the software user interface is designed according to the latest technical standards. This includes support for newer browsers and operating systems

pavilion8 software is Rockwell Automation's leading APC software solution platform. In addition, it is also the first composite model platform that combines empirical models with mechanism models. The application of pavilion8 software is unrestricted and very reliable. It is widely used in various industries, various production processes and equipment, so that the return on investment of customers is guaranteed. The software can adapt to the rapidly changing business needs. Whether it is a simple linear process or a challenging nonlinear process, pavilion8 software can cope with it easily

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