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PC plastic uses windows to be light, environment-friendly and impact resistant

environmental protection, light weight and energy saving are the development themes of future cars, and plastic is an important material to achieve this ideal. At first, due to the large distance between plastic and metal in hardness and heat resistance, plastic is difficult to replace metal in some key components. At present, PC plastic has been widely used in car windows. Plastic has been widely used in the latest automotive interior components, instrument panels, glove box covers, seats and steering wheel modules. Plastic has also been used in other important automotive components such as air ducts, fenders and windows. As one of the five general engineering plastics, PC raw materials also have great development potential in the automotive field. This year, Ge specially developed Lexan GLX resin according to the application needs of car windows, and it has become one of the important materials used in the car window Precision Research Center established in June. Lexan GLX tree can automatically return after the experiment; Grease has excellent optical quality, which can improve the quality control function of injection compression molding process. It can customize the color and process these values through the program, so as to extend the color stability time and color matching. Lexan resin can not only reduce weight, thus helping to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, but also has the potential for recycling

Rick pontillo, general manager of the global application technology center of GE Plastics Group, said: we believe that windows provide the broadest prospects for the application of plastics in the automotive industry. Therefore, GE Plastics Group has invested a lot of resources to support our customers to develop first-class window glass application products. By using Lexan PC light windows, automobile manufacturing companies can not only develop vehicles with new designs, but also solve some key environmental problems they face. For example, if the side windows and rear windows of all cars running on the roads in Europe are replaced by windows made of Lexan GLX in the negotiation with upstream raw material suppliers, about 2.1 billion liters of fuel will be saved every year (equivalent to about 2.4 billion Euros according to the average fuel price in 2006). The conductivity and thermal conductivity of silver is the highest; About 5.2 million tons of carbon dioxide will be reduced every year, equivalent to one month's carbon dioxide emissions in Finland. In addition, PC plastic windows also have impact resistance, which can better save lives in accidents

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