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PCB board copying goes out of the "boudoir" industry reform cross-border wisdom

in the 21st century, the intelligent industry led by the information industry is taking charge of the global development and reform. In this reform, we have to admit the fact that we need to use PCB to copy boards and introduce production technology to promote China's industrialization process. Over the past 30 years, foreign enterprises have been given super national treatment due to the exchange of market for technology. This policy has indeed played an important role in attracting more foreign investment in China in the early stage of opening up. In terms of basic manufacturing technology, domestic enterprises have indeed learned a lot, which is also the most direct and practical technology. But the real core technology cannot be copied. Today, 30 years later, when the domestic PCB industry has achieved a leap, the strategy of PCB board copying innovation and reform has been clearly put forward, which is undoubtedly timely and timely

enterprise short board constraints force PCB board copying reform

for a long time, the shortcomings in core technology mastery, talent accumulation, financial support, management philosophy, policy support and other aspects have restricted the innovation and development of the domestic PCB industry. Although the output of local enterprises is large, they still lag far behind Japan, South Korea and even Taiwan funded enterprises in the mastery of high-end technology. Domestic PCB enterprises are in a low position in the global supply chain and will face the pressure of foreign strong multinational companies to comprehensively monopolize the market. Considering these situations comprehensively, China's PCB board making industry needs to constantly absorb experience in technology and market and build innovative advantages to highlight the encirclement of foreign strong enterprises

go out of the purdah and copy the cross-border wisdom of traditional board copying

in the fierce market competition and the rapid development of the new material industry, enterprises are facing ever-changing environments, and simple PCB board copying, copying and cloning can no longer keep up with the rapidly changing smart industry. Due to the change of conditions, enterprises will face new challenges and opportunities, and their competitive position will also be greatly threatened. Looking at contemporary enterprises, only by continuous innovation can we be in an invincible position in the competition. The same is true of the PCB board making industry. Now it is time to go out of the purdah, not only to cross-border learn foreign high-end technology, but also to carry out secondary innovation and development on the basis of digestion and absorption. It is necessary to give full play to the wisdom of engineers' independent innovation, comprehensively and carefully grasp the user psychology and product experience, make full use of technical resources, and maximize economic benefits

diversified services reshape the development direction of Shenzhen Yaoshun technology enterprises

different from some Shanzhai enterprises that only seek maximum profits for plagiarism, around 2010, Shenzhen Yaoshun technology went out of the purdah with the intention of gaining access to the independent innovation market. Drawing on the valuable experience of many successful PCB copying cases, as the most authoritative reverse research institution in China, Shenzhen Yaoshun technology also launched many standards this year, which is more scientific and operable; 4. More restrictive requirements. Many automotive electronic devices, such as dash CAM products. Shenzhen Yaoshun technology also provides diversified services such as board copying, PCB board modification, design, chip decryption, wafer OEM, SMT processing and software and hardware secondary development, which effectively dispersed business risks and expanded market space for enterprises

although PCB board copying is changing the electronic industry, it will inevitably conflict with PCB design and independent innovation. How to complement each other's advantages and maximize their respective efficiency has also become an important proposition for enterprise development. The standard formulation and revision cycle is too long. I believe that with the continuous innovation of science and technology, the cross-border wisdom in industrial reform will also play a crucial role

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