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Decryption of PCB board reading chips set off an information security war

at the recently held Third Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Committee proposed to establish a national security committee and improve the national security system and national security strategy to ensure national security and deal with emergencies. Shortly after the meeting, security and military concept stocks rose against the trend, and a huge industry was looming. Today, with the continuous performance of information war and electronic war, information security has become a worldwide problem. However, China's integrated circuit board chips are highly dependent on imports. Most of the chips used in government, civil and other fields are foreign chips, and even many of the military and military industrial departments use foreign chips. Information in all fields is almost naked. How to protect information security, it Equipment PCB copying and on-board chip decryption will lead Chinese products out of dependence and break through core technical barriers

localization of PCB copying has become the development trend of the IT industry

after the exposure of prism door, going to IOE has become a popular slogan in the domestic IT industry. Therefore, PCB copying and localization of networking equipment has become a trend. Due to the high threshold of foreign high-end technology, it is not so easy to realize localization through independent innovation, and the functions cover the conceptual design and preliminary design of layered composite structure. PCB copying. Through the reverse analysis of the original product, you can quickly master a full set of technical data such as product PCB documents, BOM lists, schematic diagrams, etc., so as to break technical barriers, digest and absorb, and lay the foundation for further localization development

pcb copying also needs to include the decryption of some on-board chips

but an insider has other concerns about this. He said that only finding the E in the root directory of the CD in PCB copying should not interrupt the adjustment of the experimental oil valve. The domestic server products for PCB copying still use Intel chips, and the server is still foreign chips. Therefore, to establish a comprehensive national information security mechanism, it is difficult to rely on a single PCB to copy the board. It must also include the chip decryption on the circuit board. Our chips cannot only rely on external procurement

comparison of advantages and disadvantages between independent chip research and development and chip decryption

although China is already a large chip manufacturing country, it is still embarrassed to be at the lowest end of the industrial chain. It can only engage in OEM and other businesses. It has not mastered the core technology. 80% - 90% of the chips are still monopolized by international manufacturers, and it is even less competitive in the high-end field. The main reason is that China's chip R & D funds are insufficient, the cycle is long, and it is difficult to see short-term benefits, so that enterprises reduce their enthusiasm for chip R & D. The chip decryption not only has less investment and quick effect, but also can carry out reverse design, leak detection and function modification on the basis of the original chip, so that the new chip has excellent functions after technical upgrading, and the national information security can be guaranteed after re encryption

as the largest old PCB copying reverse research and development high-tech enterprise in China, Jiachuang Technology (Godson century branch) not only leads the way in high-speed PCB copying/changing, high-speed PCB design, prototype production and debugging, but also provides professional single-chip microcomputer decryption, software and hardware secondary development, oem/odm/smt OEM and other services. In addition, due to the existing construction technology, there are too many plate joints. Jiachuang can also customize and customize for you, rewrite software, decrypt chips, design hardware, and solve the technical property rights and technical patents contained in the product itself. Welcome to call and visit for consultation and negotiation. With the most professional technical team and the best technical service, Jiachuang will build your most ideal and reliable products for you. At the same time, Jiachuang will also make its due contribution to national information security

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