Bao Changyong attended the delivery ceremony when

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Bao Changyong attended the delivery ceremony of the first batch of Yituo Kawei pickups.

Bao Changyong attended the delivery ceremony.

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on May 28, at the general assembly line of Yituo Kawei (Luoyang) Vehicle Co., Ltd., the assembly of the first batch of Yituo Kawei pickups was completed and the general assembly line was slowly opened, marking the realization of small batch production of the first off-road vehicle chassis pickups in Yituo and the smooth offline. Among the first batch of off-line vehicles, 10 have been purchased by Jianxi District government as urban management and law enforcement vehicles, and the delivery ceremony was held at the same time. Baochangyong, the mayor of Luoyang, Zhao Yanshui, Wang Erlong, Yan Lingjiao, Tian Peng, the leaders of the first tractor of China, Jiang Danping, the president of Kawi group, and the leaders of the development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of industry and information technology of Luoyang and Jianxi District attended the delivery ceremony and inspected the general assembly line of Kawi pickup truck of the first tractor

on the general assembly line, Bao Changyong listened to the introduction of Yituo Kawei company, learned about the production organization, staffing and sales of various models in detail, and boarded Yituo Kawei pickup truck for test ride and test drive. During the inspection, Bao Changyong pointed out that Yituo Kawei pickup project is a key project of Luoyang Municipal government, and it is also a key step for Yituo to cooperate with private capital, revitalize automobile qualifications, and realize transformation and development. He instructed Yituo Kawei company to further straighten out the cooperation mechanism, improve the organizational structure, speed up the construction progress, expand marketing channels, form scale and release production capacity as soon as possible, and required relevant municipal departments and Jianxi District to actively follow up, do a good job in production and marketing docking and other services, and provide support for enterprise development

at the delivery ceremony, China (1) anchor chain mechanics experimental machine exchange servo driver and exchange servo in the development process, Yan Linjiao, general manager of China First Tractor Group, on behalf of China First Tractor Group Co., Ltd., officially handed over 10 one tractor Kawai pickups to guojianping, head of Jianxi District. Guojianping said that Jianxi District government will do its best to provide relevant services in accordance with the relevant requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and provide support and convenience for the development of Yituo Kawei flexible packaging requirements electronic tensile testing machine 1 machine multi-purpose company

it is understood that Jiangsu Kawei automobile industry group, located in Danyang, Jiangsu Province, was founded in 1992. It is a characteristic automobile industry group integrating automobile parts, mold manufacturing, and the manufacturing of urban off-road vehicles, passenger cars, special purpose vehicles, and new energy vehicles. In February, 2013, China Yituo signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Kawei to cooperate in the development of pickup truck projects and build a cross-border modified vehicle industry platform. At present, China Yituo and Jiangsu Kawei have jointly established China Yituo Kawei (Luoyang is still in the need of strategic opportunities) Vehicle Co., Ltd., with an annual design capacity of 10000 to 20000 pickup trucks, and established two production bases in Luoyang, which covers the northern market, and Danyang, which covers the southern market. Within three years, it can form an annual capacity of 50000 pickup trucks, which will form a strategic pattern of North-South interaction, complementary advantages and common development

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