The hottest PVC in Dalian fell successively, break

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PVC in Dalian fell successively, breaking the overall pattern

recently, PVC broke the overall pattern, shifted its focus downward, fell within the range, and was treated as empty. Dalian PVC futures continued to fall on the 11th, with the main 1405 contract closing at 6445 yuan/ton, down 35 yuan/ton. The downstream market demand for PVC is poor, and traders are mainly active in shipping

Gen Chem, a PVC manufacturer in the Philippines, plans to speed up the speed of the pressure testing machine from the middle of December to shut down its 20000 ton/year PVC device, and the restart time is tentatively scheduled for next January

at present, the technical concept of domestic aluminum alloy cable of New York merchants is emerging one after another. Crude oil futures on the NYMEX traded at a six week high above $98 a barrel on Wednesday, after U.S. data showed that crude oil inventories fell faster than expected. As of 15:00 Beijing time, US January crude oil futures fell US $0.08 to US $98.43 per barrel

in the spot market, the offer of domestic ethylene PVC enterprises continued to rise. Hebei Jinniu raised its offer by 50 yuan/ton to 6800 yuan/ton for acceptance. Now the mainstream acceptance factory in Inner Mongolia is yuan/ton; The local mainstream acceptance factory in Shandong Province is RMB/ton; The mainstream spot exchange in Henan province leaves the factory at yuan/ton. Shanxi mainstream factory acceptance yuan/ton

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