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PVC flooring gradually meets the needs of consumers for atmospheric health

at present, with the continuous upgrading of ground materials, people are not limited to floor tiles for ground decoration. In addition to floors, PVC flooring is also gradually able to meet the needs of consumers for atmospheric health

pvc flooring, also known as "Light-Weight flooring", has entered the Chinese market since the early 1980s. It is a new type of light-weight flooring decorative material very popular in the world's WDW series microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine industry, especially in Europe, America, Asia, Japan and South Korea. Nowadays, with the development of society, the PVC market also presents a white hot competition stage, especially with the promotion of the business of electronic designers using polyurethane materials to make cactus sofa, this trend is spreading, and the PVC flooring industry will also face the key stage of transformation

nowadays, the PVC industry is facing a critical stage of upgrading. Increasing structural adjustment and realizing intensive management are the general trend of the production and development of PVC flooring industry. It is understood that although PVC flooring is a new product, it has been widely sought after in foreign markets because of its good quality performance and high cost performance. Once domestic consumers understand the advantages of this new material, there will be a buying storm

it is reported that after large-scale and expensive integration of the former, some new and influential enterprises will emerge, while some backward enterprises that adhere to the traditional sales model will face elimination, which is also the inevitable trend of the development of the times

in the market, there are many varieties of PVC flooring designs and colors at present, but most of them follow the high simulation route, including imitation carpet patterns, stone patterns, wood floor patterns, etc. the lines are lifelike and beautiful, and the colors are rich and gorgeous. At present, the most popular are imitation wood flooring and imitation marble flooring. The imitation wood texture has the fine texture and natural fresh feeling of the wood flooring, and the craft is more exquisite, and even has the simple and natural meaning of the antique wood flooring; The imitation marble texture has the natural rich texture of natural stone, which is almost the same as the real wood floor and marble in visual effect and foot feeling

in addition, because PVC materials can be arbitrarily cut with a good art knife, and at the same time, it breaks through the material limitations of ordinary floors, and can be combined and spliced with materials of different colors, people can give full play to their creativity, meet the personalized needs of different decorative styles, and achieve decorative effects that are difficult to achieve for other floors. With personalized cutting and creativity, the living space will become more personalized and artistic

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