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PVC importers in eastern Guangdong abandoned the city and surrendered their weapons

in the past two to three days, the rainy weather after the Tomb Sweeping Day has enveloped the hearts of every PVC importer in southern China. The fear of losing confidence in the whole domestic market and worrying that domestic PVC enterprises will cut prices sharply and flood into South China has completely destroyed the last line of defense of PVC importers. In addition, some malicious sellers and manufacturers in Guangzhou, Jieyang and Shantou maliciously made the market for about 105 minutes. The terrorist news was that they maliciously sold and fried the price down, leaving PVC importers with salt on their wounds and nowhere to hide

yesterday, the lowest direct selling factory price of Sino ocean PVC in Guangzhou was 6000 yuan/t, and some were 6100 yuan/t. although many importers still insisted on yuan/t, the market price has begun to be extremely chaotic. Although the demand for PVC in eastern Guangdong has increased steadily, the second arrival and sale of Sino ocean PVC and the re entry of Sino ocean PVC in other regions into the supplementary market have led to a steady decline in the price of PVC in eastern Guangdong

Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Indonesia, India and other brands are countless. The transaction price in the past two days is mostly 6050. Plastic will deform under stress -6100 yuan/t. But several major importers in Shantou are not external. Are you ready? For quotation sales, the quotation of 6350 yuan/t last week is still implemented. Many PVC traders have realized that the PVC inventory in Shantou, South Korea and Japan has been running out, and the demand for PVC in the East Guangdong shoe market will increase again from this week to next week. Therefore, most people enter the market privately and receive large quantities of goods today. In order to earn more profits, many PVC traders are trying to get a lot of goods, playing hard to get, and significantly reducing the price of importers. Yesterday, a trader reduced the price of a batch of 400 tons of PVC made in India to 5900 yuan/t, but the importer replied. With the strengthening of domestic PVC, the fear of PVC in South China will increase again. It is expected that the defense line of the 6000 yuan conference theme:/t will be broken soon

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