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PVC fresh-keeping film antifogging agent is difficult to be used in the field of food

"because PVC fresh-keeping film is cheap and easy to use, many customers are willing to buy it, generally wholesale, a tube of 45 cm × The PE fresh-keeping film of 500 meters costs 60 yuan, and the antifogging agent of PVC fresh-keeping film of the same specification only costs 50 yuan. PVC fresh-keeping film is relatively affordable, so it sells well and is used for food packaging. " A shopkeeper, Mr. Li, said

Mr. Li said that PVC fresh-keeping film is generally not recommended for food packaging, which is harmful to human body. However, because it is cheap, thick and not easy to tear, it is still popular with customers. It is also very popular to buy from the beauty and hairdressing industry. The arithmetic mean value of 10 samples is more than that of the test

after the visit, it was found that the fresh-keeping film placed at the door of almost every plastic product sales store in Weifang commodity city was PVC fresh-keeping film, and the shopkeepers recommended PVC fresh-keeping film, saying that the price was relatively affordable, and wholesale could be cheaper

as a necessary product for fresh-keeping, fresh-keeping film has already flown into ordinary people's homes. Now, 15 of the 16 kinds of PVC fresh-keeping film have been detected to contain the banned plasticizer DEHA, which is very harmful to people's health. For this matter, Wang Suqing, Dean of the school of chemical engineering of Weifang University, was consulted

Wang Suqing said that PVC fresh-keeping film, that is, PVC, due to the needs of the production process, D EHA, which is what we usually call plasticizer, will be added in the production process. The toxicity of PVC mainly lies in the polymerized monomer vinyl chloride and the chemical additives added in the processing process. These additives vary according to the use of PVC fresh-keeping film, but most of them are toxic. PVC fresh-keeping film used for food packaging has strict non-toxic and harmless standards for raw materials, formulas, additives, additives, etc., and is strictly restricted to use UTM test materials to judge whether the materials are suitable for some specific processing and utilization or terminals However, it is not allowed to directly contact with food, let alone have color. If it is exposed to oily food for a long time, some oil-soluble additives and unpolymerized vinyl chloride will dissolve out, and entering food will cause chronic poisoning. In addition, hydrogen chloride gas will be slowly decomposed under high temperature, which is also harmful to human body

"it is best to choose and use PVC fresh-keeping film antifogging agent. If PVC fresh-keeping film is used, it is best not to directly use it in the packaging of greasy food, meat and cooked food, nor to directly use microwave oven for heating." Wang Suqing suggested

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