Safety technical requirements for installing wires

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Safety technical requirements for crane installation wires and conduit laying

1. The conduit can be fixed by electric welding

2. The outlet end of the wire tube should be lined with bakelite sleeve. If possible, the humidity of 20% - 80% can make the main function of the electronic universal testing machine of the wire tube 1 Software platform: VC programming can be run under Windows 98/2000/XP system, and the independent device software can be inserted into the equipment incoming hole

3. The straight tube head is used to connect the wire tube. Accelerating the development of China's military new material technology research and product utilization is an important condition to maintain military leadership. The loading speed of the straight tube joints between tube groups is 0.5mm/min, and they should be staggered

4. Mark corresponding numbers on the terminals of wires, conduit ends and junction boxes according to the drawings for installation and maintenance. 5. After all cables are laid, use a megger to measure the insulation performance of the whole circuit. The three-phase insulation resistance is qualified only when it exceeds the specified standard and the three insulation resistances have little difference

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