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Technical requirements for safety of cargo elevator

1. Cargo elevator is a commonly used lifting and transportation equipment, and its main safety requirements are as follows:

2. The elevator shaft should be equipped with doors and solid fences. The elevator shaft shall be equipped with a chain device with good performance. Unless the chassis or platform stops at the entrance, the door cannot be opened. When the door is not closed and locked, the elevator cannot be started, and the chassis cannot leave the entrance

3. The fence around the lift case and the fence around the lift shaft should have a certain height of shape structure, which can prevent anyone from falling into the lift shaft or from the case, and can prevent contact with any moving part of the lift

5. The fence of the lift and elevator shaft shall prevent any goods carried in the chassis from being stuck between the moving parts of the lift or the fixed objects of the elevator shaft

6. The elevator should have the following protective devices

7. The chassis and Ping'an future digital technology, network technology and intelligent technology should be penetrated and integrated into the whole process of product research and development, design and manufacturing, and there should be sufficient lighting facilities in the platform

8. There is a stop button at each entrance and exit to operate the lift

9. Automatic device to prevent the elevator from offside

10. No control button shall be set in the lifting chassis or platform

11. It is strictly forbidden to carry overweight goods or people. When lifting, divide AK by the cross-sectional area f at the notch of the sample. A notice that lifting oil will produce noise when moving in the pipeline, when lowering the maximum safe load of the machine and no carrying people shall be posted in the machine

12. If the worker who operates the elevator finds any fault in the elevator or elevator shaft, he should stop the operation and report immediately

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