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Safety technical operation procedures for column automatic welding machine

1 precautions before operation

1.1 the operator must be familiar with the performance, structure and transmission system of the equipment and operate with a certificate

1.2 do a good job of lubrication as required and keep it constantly

1.3 check whether the equipment is well grounded to ensure safety

1.4 before welding products, the equipment needs to be commissioned. Check whether the horizontal arm moves up and down, left and right, limit and speed adjustment are normal, whether the movement is stable, and whether the head adjustment is normal; Check whether the monitor and weld tracker are normal; Check whether the flux recovery device is normal; Check whether the voltage and current regulation of the welding machine is normal

2 precautions for operation

2.1 when welding, no one is allowed to stand under the cross arm and around the roller frame

2.2 when rotating the rack, pay attention to the crushing and damage of the power conduit

2.3 the maximum load on the top of the cross arm shall not exceed 80kg

2.4 the expansion and contraction of the beam is AC stepless speed change. When using, first dial the extension or shortening button, and the adjustable potentiometer rotates clockwise from small to large, with faster speed; Gradually slow down counterclockwise

2.5 when it is necessary to change the direction, whether it is telescopic, lifting, rotating, etc., it must first be shifted to the stop position, and then change the direction

2.6 if abnormal phenomena are found in the transmission during use, such as vibration, abnormal sound, jamming, etc., stop the machine immediately and notify the inspection and repair

2.7 for the welding of various welds, refer to the welding process and confirm the exposure cycle

2.8 in the process of welding under normal use and protection conditions, the flux should be added manually according to the amount used, and the flux recovery device should be used at the same time

2.9 the seam tracker tracking response timer should set the minimum detection time (adjustment time.9s), and the time detected by the sensor must be set here, so that the slider can control the X and Y axis movement of the slider according to the detection signal of the detector. The adjustment should be adjusted according to the welding speed and the shape of different products to obtain appropriate accuracy. If the timer is set too long, the welding response speed will be too slow to keep up with the changes of weldments. If the timer is set too short, changes such as vibration may be missed, resulting in welding defects

2.10 the fixed-point detection timer of the welding tracker sets the timing time (adjustment range.9s) to detect the smooth state of the weld bead. In case of a tack weld, the slider will stop running. The setting must be carefully controlled based on the layout optimization design scheme according to the welding speed. If the setting is too long, the area that should be detected will be missed

3 shutdown precautions

3.1 after the equipment is used, lower the beam to the balanced position, keep the center of gravity stable, and then cut off the power supply

3.2 all parties of the electronic universal testing machine for solder recycling should strengthen mutual cooperation and store them in the designated place after receiving

3.3 place the welded workpiece at the specified position

3.4 carefully clean the equipment and site

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