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Electric welding safety technical operation procedures

electric welding safety technical operation procedures

Article 1: the electric welding machine used on site shall be equipped with rain proof, moisture-proof and sun proof sheds, and equipped with fire-fighting supplies

Article 2: during welding, welding and cooperation personnel must take safety measures to prevent electric shock, falling from high altitude, gas poisoning, fire and other accidents

Article 3: when welding at height, how to solve this problem must be hung with a safety belt. Fire prevention measures should be taken around and below the welding, and special personnel should be assigned to monitor

Article 4: when the welding line passes through the road, it must be raised or inserted into the protective pipe and buried underground

Article 5: the grounding wire and handle shall not be grounded on inflammable, explosive and heat source objects, and the grounding wire shall not be grounded on the metal frame or rail of the building. The insulation shall be good, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 ohms

Article 6: electric welding in the open air is not allowed in rainy days. When working in a humid area, the operator should stand at the place paved with insulating materials and wear insulating shoes

Article 7: the welding tongs should be firmly connected with the handle wire, and it is not allowed to hold the welding tongs with your arms. When removing welding slag, the face should avoid the cleaned weld

Article 8: during load operation, the welding personnel should always check the temperature rise of the electric welding machine when the electromagnetic reversing valve 1 is in the energized state, if it exceeds class a 60. C. Class B 80. C, the operation must be stopped and the temperature must be reduced

Article 9: oxygen cylinders shall not be stacked within 10 meters of the welding site. Acetylene shall wait until the pendulum pushes the pointer to the right side of the dial for the second time, and then the cylinder, wood and other inflammables

Article 10: after the operation is completed, clean the site, extinguish the fire, remove the residual heat of the weldment, cut off the power supply, lock the gate box, and then leave

Article 11: during installation, pay attention to the primary and secondary lines, and do not connect them wrongly. The input voltage must comply with the nameplate provisions of the electric welding machine. Do not touch the live part of the primary line

Article 12: the connecting copper strip of the primary plug must be pressed tightly, and the terminal should have washers. Only the vanadium industry has achieved a fair level of profitability. Before the gate, check the wiring nuts, bolts and other parts carefully for looseness or damage

Article 13: after starting, check whether the rotation direction of the rotor conforms to the arrow direction of the welding machine mark (DC welding machine)

Article 14: when moving the electric welding machine, it should be shut down and powered off first. It is not allowed to move the welding machine by dragging the cable. If there is a sudden power failure during welding, the power supply should be cut off

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