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Operating procedures for safety technology of belt conveyor

I. preparations before start-up:

1. Check whether there is no oil flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve, and whether the idler rotates flexibly. If it is damaged or falls off, it should be replaced in time, whether the rubber joint or clip of the belt is damaged, and whether the tightness of the belt is appropriate

2. Check the lubrication of all bearings and reducers and inject oil in time

3. Check whether all solid screws are loose, and check whether the pull rope switch, deviation switch, anti-skid switch and deviation adjusting idler frame work well

4. Check whether the belt backstop device is effective

5. Check whether there is belt scraping, and whether the gap between the cleaner and the belt is appropriate. It should not be too small to prevent damage to the belt

6. Check whether the chutes of all parts are blocked and worn

7. Check whether the safety facilities are complete and reliable

8. There should be no coal or other objects around each drum to hinder the operation

II. Precautions during operation:

1. After confirming that the inspection is correct, inform the control room that the program can start the train

2. Check whether the upper and lower idlers rotate flexibly. If there are problems, the idlers should be marked and handled after shutdown

3. Check whether there is deviation or edge grinding of the tape. After finding it, analyze the cause and solve it carefully

4. Check whether the sound and temperature of the drum are normal. The motor temperature is not greater than 70 ℃, and the bearing temperature of each part is not greater than 65 ℃

5. Pay attention to the sliding and blanking conditions, and strictly prevent blocking the chute and other sharp hard objects from squeezing and scratching the adhesive tape

6. Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to stop with load. If the tape joint is found to be open, broken or torn, it should be stopped immediately. At present, the research and development of discolored materials tends to be diversified

Moco, chief analyst of true lithium research, said 7. It is strictly prohibited to sprinkle materials on the cylinder by hand or directly scrape coal from the cylinder by hand during transportation. It is forbidden to use shovel or other tools to remove the coal stuck on the drum during the operation of the belt

8. It is not allowed to deal with various temporary large and small faults during belt operation. Observe the load of the belt. It should not be overloaded seriously, otherwise it should be reported to the dispatching room in time for adjustment

III. work to be done after parking:

1. Stop feeding before parking, and stop after the materials on the tape are pulled clean

Sort out the perforated plate and various parts of the machine head

2. Check and maintain the conveyor according to the above items after parking

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